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Winrock Farms is now selling individually packaged beef that has no additional groth hormones, no antibiotics and no red dye. We're proud to be able to bring a healthly product to America's tables.

At Winrock we believe cattle should be treated humanely and handled in a very stress free manner. It's not only the right thing to do, but it will also produce a higher quality product for the consumer.

Our cattle won't be confined in small pens or feedlots at any time in their lives. Our cattle will be on pasture, 40 to 45 head per 40 acre pasture, and fed feed which consists of Alfalfa hay, corn chops and other grain products with no animal proteins or animal bi-products. Our cattle will never be administered any form of growth hormone for faster weight gain or any antibiotics. If any animal has to have antibiotics in the event of a life threatening illness, that animal will be pulled from the beef program.

Our product is USDA inspected and 100% American grown.
Quality is our goal...We sell our beef one package at a time or in large quantities.

Please call ahead as we always try to keep a fresh product on hand however due to processing dates some cuts may be running low.

We also sell beef by the halves or whole. Please give us a call for more information.