Red Angus

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Red Angus


Aberdeen Angus was introduced into America in the 1870's and soon attained high popularity. The first American herd books, published in 1886 and 1888 respectively, made no record as to the color of individual animals. In 1890, twenty-two reds were registered in the American Aberdeen Angus Herd book of some 2,700 individuals entered that year. In 1917, the American Aberdeen Angus Association barred the registration of the Reds and other colors altogether.

In 1945 various cattlemen throughout the United States started selecting and breeding Reds cropped from the best black Aberdeen Angus herds in America. In 1954 several visionary breeders gathered to establish a unique breeder's organization known as the Red Angus Association of America (RAAA). Rejecting the norms of the times, the RAAA was designed around the new scientific principles of performance testing.

Red Angus are Angus: yet the Red Angus breeders' history of leadership and innovation have made a profound difference in the red strain. Red Angus breeders have maintained commercial focus allowing them to avoid the short-term fads that have negatively affected so many other breeds. The Red Angus gene pool offers a consistent source of traditional Angus traits, including carcass quality, maternal characteristics, calving ease and moderate size.

At Winrock Farms it is our commitment to own the best breeding stock we can find. Our goal is to produce some of the top seed stock in the country to help the commercial producers become more efficient in the production of beef.

Our cow herd consists of cows from the RA Brown Ranch in Texas, Panhandle Cattle Company in Nebraska, Chiefline Red Angus in Texas and 3J Farms in Oklahoma.

These top producing cows are matted through AI and Embryo transfer to some of the top performance sires in the breed such as LCC Major League A502M, LJC Javelin M08, Brown's Commitment, Norseman King and Brown's Celebration.








Red Angus