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In 1953, Winrock Farms began as a dream come true for Winthrop Rockefeller, a transplanted New Yorker who fell in love with Arkansas so much that in 1967 he was elected as Governor of his adopted state. Before Mr. Rockefeller died in 1973, he left his mark on Arkansas and the Mid-South in many ways. From owner of one of the finest farms in the nation to Governor, Mr. Rockefeller took pride in developing projects of lasting value, quality, and integrity.

After Governor Rockefeller's death, Winrock Farms was owned and ran for 33 years by his son Winthrop Paul Rockefeller. Win followed his fathers lead by becoming Lt. Governor of the State of Arkansas and by continuing to carry on the tradition of quality cattle started by his father which has made Winrock respected around the world. Cattle buyers throughout the United States will attest to the outstanding characteristics of Winrock breeding stock. Unfortunately Win passed away in July 2006 from a rare form of cancer.

Today Winrock Farms is owned by Lisenne Rockefeller, wife of the late Winthrop Paul Rockefeller, and managed by an outstanding team. Winrock Farms is carrying on this tradition of quality and adapting to today's world by producing both high quality Santa Gertrudis cattle, Red Angus cattle, composite bulls and USDA inspected beef. Through hard work, innovation, and skilled management we are continuing to build a name for ourselves in the cattle industry.
Hall_of_Fame_Induction In 2001 Santa Gertrudis Breeders International celebrated its 50th year in the purebred cattle business. At that years annual meeting Governor Winthrop Rockefeller was inducted into the SGBI Hall of Fame for his many years of devotion to the Santa Gertrudis breed and its organization. His son, Lt. Governor Win Rockefeller accepted a plaque in honor of his late father from the 2001 SGBI president, Ed Herring. (February 2001)